Maintenance Tips and FAQs

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Air filters need to be changed every 30 days to keep your heating and a/c running efficiently. Air filters are located in the ceiling of your living room/hallway or in a downstairs closet if you live in a townhouse.
Filter size is either 14X20 or 20X20. We provide air filters for FREE at our office. We recommend that you pick one up each month as you pay rent.
The majority of a/c or heat problems are due to the fact that your air filter is dirty and needs to be changed.
Another thing you can check is the outside unit. Some of the outside units have a red reset button where the pipes come from the building into the unit. The reset button will restart your unit.

Additional tips for air conditioning: If the pipes outside that are going from the brick to the outside unit are frozen with ice, you will need to turn the thermostat to “off’ and turn the fan button on the thermostat to “on”. The fan will help the unit thaw out more quickly. After about 3 hours, and a clean air filter, you can turn the unit back on and see if the a/c is cooling properly.

Also, the heat pump system in your house is only designed to pull the temperature down a maximum of 15 degrees difference from the outside temperature. For example, if the outside temperature is 95 degrees, your system will only cool the house to 80 degrees. Setting the thermostat down more than 15 degrees will only result in your air conditioning continuously running, possibly freezing up, and/or creating a very high electric bill.

If you need a user’s manual for your security system, visit The model is ADEMCO 4110. You must contact Hancock Properties to set up a new alarm code.
The alarms are activated, but not monitored by police unless you set up monthly monitoring through Computer Alarm at
Please pre-rinse your dishes to avoid clogging the drain in your dishwasher. If the drain is clogged, water will come out of the dishwasher onto your kitchen floor.

Keep trash out of your dishwasher! We commonly find bread ties, bottle caps, etc. clogging drains. Also make sure you are using detergent specifically for a dishwasher. Liquid dish soap is not for dishwashers.

If one of your outlets is not working, look for outlets in your house with reset buttons. They may be in a different room, but when pushed will reset all the outlets in your house.

If it is an outside outlet that is not working, the reset button on the outlet underneath your electrical panel will reset outside outlets.

The electrical breakers are in a panel box that is located on a wall in your house. The breaker box can be in the kitchen, laundry room, or behind a bedroom door. If you loose power in a room, check the breaker box to see if a breaker is “tripped”.

A tripped breaker will be stuck in the middle of “ON” and “OFF”. If a breaker is tripped, flip it to “OFF” first and then to “ON”. If all of your power is out you need to call Georgia Power 888-660-5890.

If your dryer isn’t working, check the hose behind the dryer to make sure it isn’t kinked. Also, if the dryer is too close to the wall the hose cannot ventilate properly. Pull the dryer away from the wall and your clothes will dry quicker. In addition, please be sure to always keep the lint screen clean so the dryer can vent properly.
There is a water supply line behind the toilet at the wall. You can turn the water off and the toilet will stop running/leaking.

Give us a call and we will come fix it. Also, please do not put toilet cleaner tablets in the tank. This causes the rubber seal in the tank to disintegrate.

It is a good idea to keep at least one toilet plunger in your home. Lowe’s sells a good accordion plunger for about $3.00. When plunging your toilet, be sure the plunger has a tight seal inside the bowl.

Use short, vigorous strokes to shimmy the water down the pipes. You will know the toilet is completely plunged when all the water has drained out of the bowl.

If Hancock Properties comes out to unclog a toilet due to improper items being flushed (such as toys, diapers, toothbrushes, Q tips, etc) we will charge a service fee of $25.

If water is leaking underneath your kitchen or bathroom sink, there is a water supply line under the sink. You can turn the water off and the leak will stop. Give us a call and we will come fix it.
Look for a “skeleton key” above the door frames or in a medicine cabinet. These will allow you to unlock the bedroom from the outside. A very small flathead screwdriver will also work.
Yes, you are responsible for all regular light bulbs. We will change the fluorescent lights in your kitchen and outside lights if you cannot reach them.

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